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What is Esports Kids?

  • Our Mission is to promote healthy video game play and competition, while giving back to our community.

  • Esports, popular internationally, and growing rapidly in the USA, is simply competitive, team-based video game play.  

  • The idea was born when a certain 9-year old asked, "Why are there no Esports opportunities for younger kids, Dad?"  Kids love and play video games more than anybody.  Yet, there are few if any opportunities for elementary school kids to have a positive venue to compete with friends online or in person.  Enter Esports Kids!  


  • With so many kids playing video games today, there is a real responsibility and opportunity for parents to steer children towards the most positive aspects of this activity. This is why Esports Kids exists. 


  • "Where kids game on and give back."  We donate a portion of our proceeds to local non-profits, charities and organization. Most recently, $2,000 to Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services


  • We will feature a new and different game at each event - the exact cadence is still to be determined, but we hope to have at least two per year.  

  • Our first-ever tournament in May 2016 focused on a 3v3 Rocket League Xbox One tournament. Our second event on December 10th, 2016 featured Mario Kart 8 on the WiiU. Our third event featured two games: Nintendo Super Smash Bros on WiiU and the high-energy game #IDARB on Xbox One in September 2017. Future games under consideration include Minecraft Hunger Games Edition, Plants vs. Zombies, Splatoon, and Toto Temple Deluxe. And we love requests!

  • We went from 24 kids at our first event, to 46 at Esports Kids 2 and a whopping 66 kids at Esports Kids 3!  

  • You don't need to bring any equipment. We will supply all gaming equipment. Just show up to the event site, ready to have some fun!


  • The focus is on FUN, so you do not need to "train" for the event, and you can simply show up and play the game for the first-time-ever on the day of the event, but you are welcome and encouraged to practice in advance if you want to go for the gold!

  • We are based near Sacramento, California, USA, but looking to take our physical tournaments online soon as well, so that any kid, in any location, will be able to play in our tournaments - stay tuned.

  • Ready to learn about our next event? Click here.

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